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But why?

I started this project to make sense for myself of the 24/7/365 news cycle driven by bottomless content tailored for maximum engagement. Now it serves as a guide to hundreds of weekly readers.  

Summer Update

I will be taking the summer off through Labor Day. Before you break something, know that I will continue to send the weekly email with the Week in One Hundred Words, Numbers and Stats, and the Week Ahead. Though, I don't plan on doing any lengthy writing.

Two things.

First, I want to reset and take some time to reflect on the past seven months of this newsletter to discover what can make it better going forward. It's the summer. Time is better spent away from a keyboard, reading a book in the shade. (We really need more people to step away from their keyboards.)

Second, the timing makes sense because the news is uninteresting right now and I hate to waste your time. Most of you don't know this, I use a very basic test for including a topic in this email. I call it the Asshole Uncle Test. It goes like this: Imagine you're at a family dinner and you choose to start a conversation about current events. Usually that would open with an interesting fact. If whatever you say can be followed up by your uncle shutting you down with "is that really news to you?" then you failed the test. Some examples: "Antitrust legislation is getting derailed by lobbyists," "an Electric Vehicle start-up with no revenue is a huge loss for investors," or "Biden got nowhere with Putin on cyber threats." On each of those I can see that uncle set his drink down and lean into the conversation.

Rest assured, if something comes up that is worth your consideration, I will be eager to write about it. When we pick back up I am sure we will still be (1) Resolving infrastructure while maneuvering for the best mid-term positions on various legislation, (2) Fretting over inflation concerns with an intractable Fed, (3) Under the specter of Covid "scariants," (4) Witnessing record weather events, and (5) Surrounded online by either monopolistic big-tech or malicious cyber criminals.

It's the summer, take a break, relax, read a book.

You can always unsubscribe later if it sucks.

“Quite literally darling, this newsletter will help you survive a conversation with almost anyone.”

-Overheard at a very fashionable spot.

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